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against crime in oakland. they're bringing in a heavy hitter. >> a quiet neighborhood shattered by gunfire. a screaming 911 call"Ñ$> leaves her a fatal shooting by police. >> if you've borrowed money from a pay day lender you may be able to collect your share share of a settlement. >> back on storm watch. homeowners cleaning up after a wet holiday weekend with more rain headed our way. >> here is the latest crime scene in oakland. another neighborhood shooting. tonight, though, a new attempt to fight crime is about to get underway this, one holds promise. good evening. i'm cheryl jengs. >> i'm dan ashley. one of the most prominent crime fighters to help reverse the spire yafl violence. william j bratten, police chief in los angeles for seven years. now, a senior advisor for a corporate security firm based in new york. we're live tonight. what is the plan there? >> this isu/>c a new two-point plan, it is an effort to reduce crime throughout the city of oakland involving bringing in help from outside, while placing officers closer to where we live. >> we've heard from our community members
of the cash they brought with them to get by. good evening, everyone, i'm carolyn johnson. >> oakland certainly has more than its fair share of crime but seems unfair a church youth group from oakland went across country only to be robbed in fort lauderdale, florida. abc 7 news is in the newsroom tonight with the story. what an awful thing to happen. >> yes. it's just heart breaking. locals in south florida were not about to let this church group go out showing them the best that community has to offer. when $12,000 vanished out of their van yesterday, the group was stranded with no way to pay for hotels and food. once it became a news story, floridians came to the rescue. the group of 24 set off yesterday with high hopes for an exciting fulfilling adventure, a trip from oakland to a christian youth conference in fort lauderdale. but within hours after rival, they were crushed to find $12,000 cash, their luggage, and the adult leader passport stolen out of
investigating a murder. >> a neighborhood dispute over the former oakland army base tonight objections people are raising over floornz a new jobs center. >> late word from the family of singer jenni rivera, dead in a plane crash, her brother is holding out hope. >> and a teenager tacked for wanting girls to attend schools. some people have taken up her cause. >> this street is where two people were found tied up and wounded, victims of a crime still unsolved tonight, still has not been explained, either. >> it is a puzzling history. who attacked and gagged and bound two young people, dumping them in the street near mcclairen park. one victim died from his injuries. we are live with the latest on this investigation. vic? >> that young victim is in intensive care here in the hospital fighting for her life. a police tell us they have yet to identify her or the male victim, they're waiting for the medical examiner to tell us what caused that young man's death.écçí÷ >> any time there are two victims gagged and bound in the street, left for dead, it probably happens in the movies a lot but in r
. leaders proposing a citywide crack down on fires. >> the city of oakland goes to bat fr a local pot club facing eviction, challenging a federal crack down with >> the san bruin yes pipeline explosion, it wasn't sure fault, but you'll have to pay your share to make sure this doesn't happen again. >> the decision means your bill is going to go up, tonight a lot of people are furious. abc 7 news is live in san bruno tonight with the story. this is what critics of pg&e were fighting against. >> well, originally, pg&e wanted customers to pay the entire bill of the multi billion dollar upgrade. the public utilities fk go that . customers will pay foremost of the repairs and upgrades as a result of the explosion that killed eight people, including renee's daughter. >> i can't bear to understand why they're continuing to allow to make deals behind closed doors and rate increase as loued to continue to go as business as usual. >> cpuc improved a rate increase hiking the average bill, having pg&e has to test nearly 800 miles of pipeline, replace something portions, and installing automatic shut o
two and a half inches in santa rosa. trace only in san jose. 300 oakland, concord, winds have been gusting, and now, you can see about 36 to
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5